Chakra Workshop by Jennifer Grant

Chakra Workshop

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VIDEO - Chakra Workshop and Meditation
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BLANK Chakra Notes PDF
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Chakra Workshop - Details

"Don't look for the solution. Look for alignment and it will bring the solution." - Abraham Hicks

When we allow ourselves to live from a place of alignment, everything unfolds in miraculous ways.  Learning about the chakra system is learning about alignment.

In this two hour workshop:

  • overview of energy and chakra system
  • detailed information on each chakra including:
    • name
    • color
    • location
    • function/support
    • when balanced
    • out of balanced - over
    • out of balanced - under
    • to do's to help balance
    • affirmation
  • meditation to cleanse chakras
    • an opportunity to feel into each chakra
  • workshop handout

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